New Update!! :D Alpha v.1.2.4

Another week, another update for The Chronicler!

This one is huge as it upgrades the crafting system among many other things. Now you'll be able to sustain yourself by manufacturing your own weapons, healing items and armor. Check out the whole list of changes below!

Thank you so much for your amazing support and see you very soon with another update!

Octavi & Susanna

Alpha 1.2.4

  • Which chronicler you choose and the armor you equip will be visually reflected on the main character.
  • Added a new quest about scarecrows!
  • The ability requirements for equipping an item is now shown much clearer.
  • Weapons and armor requirements are now linked to the player character's abilities instead of its general level.
  • Abilities are now represented in points instead of percentages.
  • "Dodge" ability is now called "Defense".
  • Armor pieces require a specific number of Defense points to be equipped.
  • Added Woodcutting and Mining abilities.
  • Added items: Copper Dagger, Iron Dagger, Steel Dagger, Stone Hatchet, Iron Hatchet, Steel Hatchet, Stone Pickaxe, Iron Pickaxe, Steel Pickaxe, Copper Sword, Iron Sword, Steel Sword, Copper Mace, Iron Mace, Steel Mace, Wooden Shortbow, Wooden Longbow, Reinforced Wooden Shortbow, Reinforced Wooden Longbow, Master Shortbow, Master Longbow, Cotton, Cotton Cloth, Wheat, Whole Wheat Bread.
  • Some hatchets and pickaxes require a specific number of Woodcutting and Mining ability points, respectively, to be equipped.
  • Equipping a hatchet or a pickaxe slightly increases the speed at which Woodcutting and Mining abilities level up.
  • Added Sycamore and Cherry trees around the map.
  • Some types of trees require a specific kind of hatchet to chop it down.
  • Added Iron and Steel rocks around the map.
  • Some types of rocks require a specific kind of pickaxe to mine it.
  • Added Mills: you can create flour from wheat, and use it on a kitchen to make bread.
  • Added Forges: you can craft iron and steel bars, useful to make all kinds of weapons.
  • Added a General Crafting Table at the Temple: You can craft general stuff like Bandages, Hatchets and Pickaxes.
  • Added Weapon Crafting Tables in Silan: You can craft Daggers, Swords, Maces and Bows in these.
  • Added fishing spots along the coast.
  • Fixed enemy missing attacks not registering as such.
  • Fixed a bug where damage numbers didn't show up on some enemies while in combat.
  • Fixed a bug where some trees couldn't be chopped down.
  • Fixed rocks collisions.
  • Fixed some dialogues not scrolling correctly.
  • Added tooltip to the XP bar.
  • Some minor GUI improvements.
  • Fixed a bug with a missing camera.

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