Alpha v.1.2.6 Update is here!

Hello dear players!

We bring you a new update full of exciting stuff! We've added a small intro to the game as well as many visual improvements and much more. Take a look at the update notes below.
Thank you so much for your support!!

Alpha v1.2.6

  • Added a small intro to the game.
  • Many visual improvements.
  • Re-made dialog portraits (work in progress)
  • Added a tune when accepting quests.
  • Added a combat tune.
  • Some color fine-tuning.
  • Rewrote some abilities panel's names to make them clearer.
  • Added a new character in Crab Cave.
  • Changed some texts to make the objective of the game a bit clearer (work in progress).
  • Added a confirmation message when exiting the game.
  • Fixed many bugs and typos.

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