Alpha 1.2.9 Update!!

Hello dear players!

This month we have a new update where we mainly focused on fixing many, many bugs and put some QoL changes.
Here's the detailed list:

Alpha v1.2.9 Update

  • Added a "Combat Style" button:
    - You can now choose between Focused and Defensive Combat.
    - Focused Combat increases your Accuracy sub-ability (Combat Ability).
    - Defensive Combat increases your Block sub-ability (Defense Ability).
  • Added GUI for Ability levels.
  • Fixed stats window not opening and closing correctly.
  • Fixed stats window not updating in specific situations.
  • HP depends now on Regeneration sub-ability instead of Block sub-ability.
  • Shops are usable again.
  • Silver panel is still visible when having large quantities of coins.
  • Fixed Survival Ability levels not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed the enemy's info box appearing when none was selected.
  • Balanced pricing in shops.
  • Made the "Low Health" message more visible.
  • Increased the amount of XP needed to level up later levels.
  • Fixed the "Level increased" message not triggering.
  • Made Abilities level more visible.
  • Balanced slashing weapons' damage.
  • Balanced blunt weapons' damage.
  • Balanced bows' damage.
  • Fixed Crafting and Cooking experience not updating correctly.
  • Fixed weapons and armor level requirements not appearing correctly in some cases.
  • Fixed many collisions.
  • Crafting experience now depends on the amount of elements crafted.
  • Fixed many issues that prevented the Experience bar from functioning.
  • Health Points don't reset themselves when continuing a previous game.
  • Enemies miss a bit less in combat.
  • Lowered the Accuracy experience gained on each combat round.
  • Player starts with a Rusty Mace, a Rusty Knife and 10 Bandages.
  • All characters except Iselda, start at level 0.
  • Added an item name tooltip.
  • Balanced healing items.
  • Added new items: Short Rusty Club, Short Copper Club, Herbs Infusion.
  • Balanced some Special Moves.
  • Balanced some loot.
  • Added a well operator on Silan.

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