An Alpha 2 is coming! The new The Chronicler.

Hello, dear adventurers!

We've been silent for a few weeks now, and we'd like to explain what we've been into all this time.

It's been around seven months since we started working on The Chronicler, and well... we learned a harsh lesson: making the RPG of our dreams is not an easy task. We released it very early because we wanted to show the process of making a game from scratch, but in the end, that wasn't such a great idea. Having the pressure to keep creating content was a bit too much, and we ended up throwing mechanics at the game that looked cool on paper but they didn't work so well. The latest release of The Chronicler is hard to program and worst of all: it's a bit confusing and not that fun to play.

Given this context, we decided we had two options: cancel the production and forget about our dream of creating our beloved RPG, or going back to the drawing board and make a reboot of the game, applying all the lessons we've learned (which are a lot), to create a good product.

Of course, we've chosen this second option.

What does it mean in practice? Well, we've been working hard these past few weeks choosing what works, what should be changed, and what should be cut. We also found a Unity framework that suits our needs and makes working on the game a breeze. The main change we have introduced is turn-based combat, which makes it much more involved and fun to play than the auto-combat system in the current live version. We're now in the process of redesigning and rewriting the quests from scratch, to make them more interesting and fun. We have to ask you a bit more patience while we finish all this process, but we can assure you one thing: the game feels sooooo much better already, and we're confident you'll agree with us when we say "it was worth the wait".

We're looking forward to putting this "new" The Chronicler in your hands, so you can tell us what you think of all the changes! We'll call it our Alpha 2, and it will be released very soon, in the coming weeks.

For now, thank you so much for your patience, kindness, and support. We really appreciate it.

Octavi & Susanna

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