Alpha v.1.3.0 Update!

Hi everyone!

Here's a new update for The Chronicler, with many improvements and bug fixes.
Take a look at the patch notes for details.

Thank you so much for your support!!

Alpha v.1.3.0:

  • Special moves have been redesigned:
    - "Special Moves" are now "Skills".
    - Skills can be used as desired, by pressing the corresponding key.
    - Only one Skill can be active at a time.
    - There are Attack Skills, Defense Skills, and Survival Skills.
    - Skills are discovered by visiting Trainers.
    - Trainers sell Skill upgrades for Silver.
  • Three trainers are added to the world. They unlock Attack, Defense, and Survival Skills, respectively.
  • Added tutorial cards.
  • Rebalanced shop prices.
  • Fixed Quit button.
  • Rebalanced combat timing for both the player and enemies.
  • Added a new Quest NPC: Milton.
  • Added a new currency: Orb of the Monster Slayer.
  • Added a rare drop to Crabs: Red Carapace Armor.
  • Added a rare drop to Skeletons: Armor of the Dead.
  • Added a rare drop to Wolves: Wolfskin Armor.
  • Added a rare drop to Rats: Ratbone Knife.
  • Armor now has Ability XP bonuses.
  • Rebalanced all item prices.
  • Rebalanced all item stats.
  • Rebalanced Healing Items.
  • Combat is now faster.
  • Monster Slayer Tasks: Kill monsters in exchange of special rewards!
  • Monster Slayer Equipment: New crafting station at the Temple's Cemetery.
  • New items: Monster Slayer Healing Potion, Armor of the Monster Slayer.
  • Important messages now appear in a box.
  • Added pick-up sound.
  • Added "Damage from skills" and "Defense from skills" to the Stats panel.
  • Many small bug fixes.
  • Small performance improvements.
  • New item: Crab Cake (food).
  • Quest: Quartermaster Brianna now needs 3 Crab Cakes instead of raw Crab Meat.
  • Reformatted some texts.
  • Improved Inventory GUI.
  • Improved Journal GUI.
  • Small GUI changes.

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