Alpha v.1.2.5 Update!

Hello friends,

Today we have a new update full of changes and improvements!
As always, we recommend starting a new game from scratch to avoid weird bugs.

Below you can find the full patch notes, there are many exciting changes.

Thank you for your support!
Octavi & Susanna

Alpha 1.2.5

  • Fixed a bug where the main character's sprite changed for no reason.
  • Fixed some issues on the Vendors' GUI.
  • Rewrote the navigation system. Now you don't need to be close to an object to interact with it. Your character will walk towards it automatically.
  • Added a new quest at the very beginning of the game.
  • Added a new cave, Crab Cave, on Diluvia Coast.
  • Repositioned the crabs in Diluvia Coast to Crab Cave.
  • Levels are no more. Only abilities level up now.
  • Adapted GUI to reflect the previous point.
  • Fixed some Ability Points numbers that weren't adding properly.
  • Rebalanced how many experience and ability points you get from each activity.
  • Added a "Quests Completed" counter inside the Journal.
  • Rewrote fights to make them slower but shorter at the same time.
  • Added an ability restriction to Wernerus' Lair: You can't enter until you reach a specific ability level.
  • Improved the Crafting GUI.
  • Improved the Abilities GUI.
  • Added a text announcing when you're too low on health.
  • Fixed some problems on different resolutions.
  • Fixed currency not showing up properly.
  • Zoomed in the camera a tiny bit.
  • All pre-made Chroniclers start as Apprentices now, except Iselda, who starts as a Storyteller.
  • Woodcutting, mining, and fishing give a little more experience.
  • Fixed currency not appearing in the correct place in some resolutions.
  • GUI changes to Choose Your Chronicler panel.
  • Rewrote some Special Moves descriptions.
  • Added subtle camera shake when the enemy hits.

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