Update Alpha v.1.10.2: Viridis Planum

Dear Chroniclers,

Today we have a big update, with a few new areas, a new starting point, new music, and many changes and fixes!
In a few days we'll release the next update in which we'll keep adding areas to the world and many new quests, so stay tuned!

Thank you so much for your support. This game wouldn't be possible without you! <3

Early Alpha v.1.10.2

- Added a new area: The Steps of Despair
- Added a new area: Diluvia Coast
- Added a new area: Viridis Planum
- Added a new town: Silan
- Added 3 new music tracks
- Added 14 new NPCs (their texts are placeholder, as we'll turn them into quests in the next update)
- Added a Shopkeeper in Silan
- Added new items: Empty Bucket, Bucket of Cold Water, Pork Sausage, Lamb Ribs, Chicken Leg
- Player now starts on Diluvia Coast instead of the Temple
- Changed introduction text to reflect the new starting area
- Extended the Temple area with an elevator to Viridis Planum
- Rewrote economy: now there are only Silver Coins instead of Copper, Silver and Gold
- Candles are lit at the correct evening time
- Disabled quests HUD. In exchange, quests are better explained in the journal
- Temporarily disabled NPCs moving around, to avoid too much unpredictability
- Reduced brightness of highlighted objects and NPCs
- Slightly increased Rats' Attack and Defense stats

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