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we stumbled upon your games by chance, the supper was very enticing and emotional, so we decided to play it live with our followes, hope you enjoy, and thanks for this gem of a game.

live on twitch

Thank you for playing it! :)

I actually found this on Steam but loved the game so much I had to leave another comment about it here. The atmosphere was fantastic, everything from the art design to the music really drew me into this short story. Awesome work, keep it up!

Thank you so much! <3<3

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This game was really good! I played The Librarian and the Midnight Scenes series, so when I saw this game I decided to try it, and I'm so glad I did. The Supper was interesting to play and it provided such a unique horror game experience. Awesome job, keep up the great work!


Thank you!!! <3

Short and precise. Very well done!

Thank you!!! :)

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I played Midnight Scenes (Episode 1 & 2) a while ago for the channel. What a wonderful set of stories.
But this game? It is on another level.
The Supper is an absolutely phenomenal experience. The story is short, but man does it pack a punch. Beautiful pacing, wonderful puzzles, and the art style is impeccable!

Octavi Navarro, keep up the good work. Thank you for making these.


I'm glad you liked it!!! <3

just like all of octavi navarro's games, this one is beautifully written. this games ending really surprised me, you think its going one way when its really going another way, its beautiful. thank you octavi for continuing to make these short games, they are absolutely wonderful. <3


Kinda creepy, Interesting story and that ending was unexpected

Thanks!!! <3

Wow! Such a wonderful little gem! I didn't expect the ending, but it was a great experience! I will write a review on our German blog pretty soon and rate this game afterwards. Thank you, guys.

Thank you so much for your kind words and your nice review! <3

While I make video on this can you guys watch this?

I played Midnight scenes and love both of the episodes! Its unfortunate I can't play this game, but keep up the good work!

Ever since i played midnight scenes ive been hooked on your games.  And it did not dissapoint. A lovely game with even better graphics. Enjoyed it very much!

What a treat it was to play this game, I've basically played all your other games on and left this to till last. Everytime I open your retro art styled game, it brings a smile to my face, so I do really hope that you continue to make more of these games. The story and game play is also always very captivating, telling short stories in this format is epic. 10/10


Great little game, loved the music. 


- Fire tongs hint appear after hosts arrive, even without fire tongs

- fisherman is half in front of me, halfg behind me

Actually played this over Steam, very fun, especially if you like macabre like me! Please consider doing a sequel to this short story.

Is it possible to have a linux build ? Using wine emulation gives broken graphics..

I really enjoyed this game! It was a neat little story and I liked the quirky/horror tone. Really tight little game. I feel like I've liked all your games, they're all short, yet high quality games that really nail the tone they're going for and have fun, and not too obtuse, puzzles. I look forward to whatever else you put out :)

We finally got round ti playing it, and thanks again Octavi it was superb fun!

I even guessed some of the puzzles so.. it was right in line with my twisted train of thought XD

4th part of librarian

3rd part of librarian.

This game is SICK

I'm gonna make video on this after the Librarian 

Another fun little gem, but wow I don't know why but got stuck on the wax arm puzzle for like 15 minutes

Its a great story. Brutal yet interesting.

Such a good game with a great story keep making more!

Best game I've played in awhile.  Octavio might be my new favorite developer. 


Pleaseee mac version


Is a mac version coming? (Just hopeful as your other releases have it)

Had an amazing time playing this.  Leaving me with just enough mystery but just enough questions answered at the same time :)

Great game! Feels nostalgic

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Another amazing game. Its always a treat to play a new game by Octavi Navarro. From the Librarian to The Midnight Scenes and now The Supper. I can't wait to see whats next.

I really enjoyed this game i like the artstyle and the puzzles wherent too hard but i still had to think it was a nice game to just sit down and play the story was also engaging and how the narrator gives you some little hints you horror games are always so good

There is just one way of describing this game, and that is: it's a piece of art.

Wonderful art style, music and a disturbing setting with a twist!

If you're a fan of pixel-art horror games, be sure to give this one a try, you won't regret it! I'm definitely following this project, and looking forward to more!

I also made a video sharing my experience playing through the game, hoping to reach more people to try it out!

Yet another amazing game! I swear I can never get enough of your horror games, Navarro. You just have this unique style of yours that never gets boring for me.

I really liked the character designs for this game, and the background music was sooo good! This one was a bit more violent than the usual, but honestly it did not bother me. I got so surprised when all the blood was added to the sauce pot, my god! It really caught me off guard, hahaha!

I have no complaints about this game, I sincerely enjoyed it thoroughly. Thank you so much for all the hard work!

Hi Octavi, there's a problem with "The supper press kit" link.

Btw, excellent game!

Short but fun, and really nicely animated !
Just a minor visual glitch when exiting the boat trap, and when leaving the boat.
The puzzles are fun, the sprites beautiful and the story compelling.
Splendid !

I really enjoyed this game! I plan to play your other games as well, I love your art style and storytelling. Honestly almost had me to tears at the ending lol! great work!!


I loved this! Great art, good music, good little story.

Very sad story of revenge.

Very good art though. 7.5/10

it`s really good, I enyoyed to play but is not enoght disgusting how I imagined 8/10

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