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Hi! Thank you for the game, I really liked it. I've one question: how long did it take to make the game? (I've quickly run through the links, but didn't find this information.)



Loved it....what else can I say 

You never fail to amaze! Yet another one from the Pixelated God hahaha 

There's no need to leave any feedback because the entire product was fantastic! I left a link in the description of my LP to all your other games too. 

Great work and I'm excited for whatever's next!

Gave it a go...

Another great game, Octavi!

Always love your stuff, and I'm really digging the new super-animated style. Looking forward to all your future shrug animations.

Really great game. I love the animation and art style. And the story really got me, well done.

Hey! I really liked your game, so much so it spurred me to make a video! Thanks for developing such a fun, memorable experience!


Wonderful job with this game i love it, didnt expected such a beautiful story to have monster and blood in it!!

noooo why is there no MAC version? You're my favorite developer, this sucks


Having played both of your "Midnight Scenes" games, and since followed you on Twitter to see the delight that is your Pixel Art, I knew right away when you announced the release of The Supper that I needed to check it out immediately. And boy, was I not disappointed!

you manage to immediately create an engaging narrative with the sight of this crooked old lady on her stick legs, and her weird grimy shop - it's almost a little Burtonesque in its cartoony grotesque appearence, and it's glorious. And with some super simple, but fun and creative puzzles, it quickly buiilds up to a much-more-touching-than-expected end.

I enjoyed every little minute of The Supper, and will definitely enjoy more of your work in the future.

I enjoyed this game really good :)

This game was soooo good! I was totally stunned by the end of it :O

It was definitely another wonderful game I played after The Librarian. I also purchased the art book. I added Japanese subtitles in my upload so that many of my viewers can understand the most beautiful avenge ever. Thank you for creating such a beautifully sad game. 

This is so great! Thank you so much!! <3

Charming and cute! I don't quite get why the creatures come back, though. It's not like they don't know who Ms. Appleton is; they would obviously notice that this is the legless woman that they ate.

I also thought that the narrator's font not matching the pixel style of the rest of the game was a tad jarring. Overall, a cute little experience that I wish I knew more about!

Another great game! This was a nice short one. I liked the story and always love the way you do the graphics and audio. Has a nice quasi-retro feel.

Lovely game, just as I expected! What I did not expect was one of the best point and click adventure games EVER! Octavi Navarro delivers a story and characters that is unparalleled! I decided to purchase the PDF, it was the least I could do! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

That was absolutely incredible. It's hard to pick a favorite among your work but this is one of them for me. The ending was so good, too. I got home from work and was browsing itch and saw you put a new game up and got so excited. Excellent work, as always. 

The supper is one of the best indie adventure game i ever played . you must try this game. hope you enjoy my video.

Hey!  Any chance an OSX version is coming?  I'd love to play it!

A really good game! The atmosphere is creepy and the sounds of the monsters are amazing and funny. I made a video, Hope you enjoy :)

I have so much to say about this game, it was completely amazing. I love pixel art games, I like the twist at the end, I like the darkness in it. I like everything about it, keep up the great got a follow from me.

If you're still reading this great, I hope you check out the video. But that's not what I'm here to talk about. I have theory regarding this game. SPOILER ALERT AHEAD. 

I think the old lady died and bled out when her legs got cut off. But she was so determined to get revenge that her soul lingered on and she was zombified(hence why she is green now and wasn't in the flashbacks) until finally these people from her past walked in her old tavern and she got her revenge. I may just be overthinking this whole story but I couldn't stop thinking about how you could see her skeleton when she went down in the ship which obviously isn't a human thing that could happen. If you made it this far, please feel free to sub to my channel.


Thank you so much! :D That's a great theory! Of course, I won't say if it's correct or not ;)

Amazing game!! Keep up the amazing work!!

Thank you sir! :D

So much more than I thought it was going to be! I thoroughly enjoyed it!

I'm glad you liked it! Thanks! :)

Interesting game, good pixel art/animation



Loved this sweet little game!  I look forward to seeing any others you create.

Thank you so much! :)

Made a video


That was fun! Thank you! :D

The game was amazing! Thank you for making it.

As with all of your games this looks amazing! I loved the dark humour my only gripe is that it ended! 


As always, super fun to watch! XD Thank you so much!

creepy, dark and with a nice ending, nice work.

Thank you! :D


The ending is really nice and heart warming and a perfect ending for a game like this. I only saw two "bugs" but they were just barely noticeable graphic errors. Highly recommend playing this cute little game!


Thank you so much! :)


Just finish the game during my lunch break. It was delicious!

Awesome, thanks! Congrats on finishing it! :D

Deleted 3 years ago

Thank you for sharing! <3

The art style is great! the character design has a lot of details, everything in the game is well made

Spoilers for new players beyond this point:

I thought it's going to be one of those games where I'm the antagonist all along. But I was so wrong, I cried a bit at the end after seeing why this lady has those legs and why that chest is really important to retrieve. 


A question to the Dev: what program do you use to make these games? do you make the artwork in a separate program too? I'm actually interested in making games like these, right now just doing my research.

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Thank you so much for sharing your let's play! I'm glad you enjoyed the game and liked the ending :)

I use Photoshop for all the art and animations, and Unity for programming.

Good story and great humor

Glad you enjoyed it! :D

The graphics and the tones remind me of Monkey Island 1 a bit. I love these ambiant games, it's like diving into a story book. Thanks!

Thank you! :)

Np. By the way if you ever need a french translator for the game please contact me

Oh Dude you know Amy and I now have to play this :D


Yes, you must! :D


This right here is a prime example of how having a strong narrative and a good story can take a game to a whole new level! This was absolutely fantastic and I adored every single second!


Thank you for playing and for sharing your video! It's bed time for me, but I plan to watch each and every "let's play" of the game! <3

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