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It was the perfect mix of creepy and beautiful. I really enjoyed this game, i hope to see more like it in the future.

Hi, I tried to run it on my mac (catalina) and I get a "mac needs to be updated" error message. I think it's a 32/64 bit thing. Is it easy to make a catalina release?

Not gunna lie I thought she was a librarian who slays demons as a side job and if so I'd love a story about her life. 

I know this will only be a one off title, but I think this piece could definitely have another episode! I've never seen an art style like this before, it gave me a hope of more stories to come, yet it stopped at a point that I'm not satisfied with. There is lore to be told here, but I know this was just a mystery feel type of game and a short indie game at that, so I wont complain too much. Fun game!

I'll be checking more of your work, thanks!

Here's my take on playing through it,

I played one of your games in the past, The Supper, and I absolutely loved it! Your game was the ever first one I posted on my Youtube Channel. So thank you so much, and keep making more games! The art-style and simplicity of it is so pretty and worthy of admiring. I look forward to much more. <3

-Smooches, XxMelodicaxX

You know I love all of your work, no exception here. This one was beautiful and the story, though short, left me with a fuzzy joy in my gut. You always manage to top yourself with your pixel art and the quality of the animations. Great job!

Nice game.  Not too hard, not too long.  This real life librarian approves.

Thanks so much for making this game Octavi. It was a beautiful experience, glad you finished it! I´m looking forward playing more of your games, keep up the great work!

Loved the graphics, the music, the mystery around the story and the librarian's role in her universe, thanks so much!!

Ah, this game is very interesting to play! I like the simplicity of point-and-click games and you've managed to mash it up with the game's aesthetic. Warm tones with sweet yet melancholic music, darker tones with a chilling music; the mood of this game is neatly crafted and set. I also like how the plot rolls out - it doesn't leave too much mystery, just enough mystery to let me wonder about the world the librarian lives in. Again, well done! I look forward to playing other games of yours.

i like the art style and some of the puzzles they made me think but weren't too hard story was also interesting would read this book again

I love your content, great artwork and what an interesting world you've put us into! 

Another great game! Loved the stile. I made a video hope you like it :)

Cool game :)

Short video:  

Amazing Art if I may add at first, at first I didn't really understand the story but it started to make SOME sense later on as I kept playing but all the details were not connected 100% for me. Otherwise, I loved the point and click adventure, the missions expected me to pay attention to my environment and remember certain patterns which were really cool and I am happy that I didn't miss anything, or else I would have to walk back and search for it LOL.

Maybe one day we can get a little more info on the story ( not trying to spoil a specific detail ) and everything going on in the Library for those who missed it like me. 

Shorter than I thought. Fairly easy, truth be told, but not unenjoyable.

a delight to play! point-and-click puzzles that hit just the right engaging-but-not-too-difficult balance for me with Beautiful pixel graphics, im very impressed by all the animated movements. a good short experience, give it a go if the aesthetic speaks to you

that game was awesome! I’ve discovered your work after playing the first chapter of Midnight Scenes and I’ve decided to play your games chronologically. Also I was blown away that you were the artist in Thimbleweed Park which is one of the best adventure games in recent years! I’m really amazed by your work and I promise to play the rest of your games in the upcoming weeks. Thank you very much! Here’s my little playthrough  (Polish language) Cheers! 

If you ever wanted to be a librarian but were having second thoughts, this game should make up your mind for you! This is the true life of a librarian! battling spirits and puddles! ‬

I enjoy this game really good:) Anyone know what to do on the statues on the second floor? Im stuck

it'd probably be best to just refer to the walkthrough

Awesome game!

Playing this after playing the Midnight Scenes games. I love the art style and the puzzles were interesting. Really enjoyed playing.

A beautiful short puzzle game indeed. Thank you so much for creating this game. I'll definitely check your other games as well,

The game was short, but i really love the art style. Those 2d pixel art elements on a 3d "stage", combined with the colors ... it's really atmospheric. Hope to see more stuff like this in the future.

I am very nervous when I record, but I decided to play your game and loved it.

I started by playing Midnight Scenes 1 and 2-was really impressed with both. I noticed from the first game to the second you improved much (although the first game was already really really good). Playing this game last I was completely blown away by your craftsmanship. You are really talented and I look forward to your future projects. I'll definitely be subscribing on Patreon and following what you do in the future.  

A really terrific little game. Thank you very much! The art is beautiful, and the story is quite poignant; it really could be developed further into a full scale adventure game. I love the idea of the spirit dagger. This could certainly be enhanced in a deeper game.  Getting the first monster of the game tipsy was also a lovely and humorous gesture. Thanks again!

The art is very beautiful, and I love the clue to the puzzle using the skeleton fingers. However, I also felt that there were some frustrating elements. For example, after entering the broken window, and being unable to exit because of its height, you will likely notice there is a stool nearby, that is simply part of the background and can't be used. Also, it would have been nice if the broken key could have been used at some point as well. Finally, some of the puzzles were hackneyed. However, all in all, this was a fun and beautifully atmospheric experience!

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You are very talented. I love these short games. I wish there were more what I call "interactive asmr" or "asmr games" where you are thrown in an ambiant world and try to figure things out yourself, that is very relaxing. This one is almost like a classic point and click but mastered in a new genre.

What if you develop a similar game/program without puzzles ? Just a plain world where you can walk, trigger stuff like lights, open/close doors, collecting objects just for the pleasure of collecting, etc.... And of course naming as many as objects in this world with a small description when you click on them like if you read an open book (That would also be some good educational material if you include internationalisation as people could learn new vocabulary in the language they learn). This would be like a peaceful world where everyone can enter whenever they want to disconnect from the real world the time for a ponder, a relaxation, etc...

Most of games have mission(s)/purpose(s) and a ending. But why wouldn't it be nice if game developers just used the power of modern tools to craft artistic environments with no purpose but only wandering for sense revelation and eye leisure ?

Also I think that is why some games let you keep playing even after the main storyline ends, developers understand that players want to keep playing because they like progress or they just like the universe they were put into.

If you know what I mean you know there is a huge idea to develop in this area. Looking forward for your work ! If you need more of my insight or my help in internationalisation support (chinese, korean, japanese, french) please contact me.

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this game is so good, i love type game

I love the mood of this game.

I played your game and had fun. (Skip  to 15:17)

Unlike your other games I didn't enjoy playing this. The puzzles were frustrating, each required me to go back and painstackingly look over the past area again. Upon Completing the puzzle, instead of feeling accomplishment,  it only presented another puzzle of the exact same type.....backtracking and painstackingly examining everything again and again. As a tech demo its very good, extremely pretty graphics, the environments and all that are great. The other parts that make a game are nonexistant though. I look forward to your next game, each of them is an improvment in different areas.

This game is awesome, love the art. I made the first episode of my own game play :D

As a fan of point and click games, I really enjoyed playing The Librarian.  The mystery is the game's strength.  Wanting to find what the heck was going is what kept me engaged throughout my playthrough.  I love how some gameplay elements from this game carried over to Mr. Navarro's Midnight Scenes games.  Overall, this game was great and I highly recommend you play it if you are a fan of the Midnight Scenes games.  I give The Librarian a double thumbs up! 

If you want, you can watch my playthrough right here: 

If you liked what you saw here, check out my channel by clicking on the link: 

We played and loved this just as much as the Midnight Scenes games :D

Thanks again dude!

Really great stuff. I look forward to your future projects.

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