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beautiful and poignant little experience - thank you for sharing <3

Thank you so much :)

me encantan las aventuras graficas!!!


Хороший проект ♥

Thanks!!! :)

I loved this game. I already made video on it so can anyone watch this one.

The graphics and the music is outstanding. Can't wait for your next masterpiece !!!

I really enjoyed playing this game. The visuals and the music created a really great atmosphere for the story, and I liked how the puzzles were not too easy but not too challenging either. I'll definitely be checking out your other games as well! Keep up the great work! I made a gameplay video for this game for anyone that's interested in watching. Thank you for your time and have a nice day!

Wonderful game! Can't wait to try more of Octavi's games. Watch me and my dumbass decisions in this video! 

Hey Octavi! I just want to say that your game was wonderful, I finished it and I thought it was a great game. Please make more games like this. I really liked the pixelated look to it. It had a eerie vibe, and was just a really simple game. I enjoyed it very much. Continue the great work! :)

Hey there!  This looks like a really cool game!  Any chance of updating the Mac version to 64-bit so it will run on Catalina?

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^me since catalina was a thing- i still havent deleted it from my Applications T -T

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Is this a horror game? Just wondering because I've been looking for one to play

Even if it's not, I'm still gonna download and play it, because it looks very nice

Hi! Not really, although it has some small horror elements. You should try my Midnight Scenes games if you haven't! :)

Alright, thanks for letting me know! I'll be sure to check out the Midnight Scenes games too!

I love playing your games..

just like midnight scene series I loved this game too. The graphics the story and everything. Thanks giving us this beautiful game.

This game is special to say the least, I loved the Midnight scene series and stumbling into this gorgeous game made me so happy. The story telling is great, the puzzles has the right amount of difficulty and the game is overall charming. Your art style is 100% my fav! I'll be keeping an eye out for all your games.

Needs to be updated to work with the new macO

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This game looks gorgeous (Just like the Supper) and was  very fun to play!!!! i give my elaborate opinion at the end of the video.

Here's a 3rd part.

Here's a part 2 for my video

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This Game is Awesome. It reminds me of DarkSide detective by kickstarter. I loved the graphics right now I haven't played the full game but by far I loved it

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-Made a Video. (Year Ago)

Your games are SO GOOD. One thing I noticed however, is that I think I've been saying your name wrong all this time. My bad! 

It was the perfect mix of creepy and beautiful. I really enjoyed this game, i hope to see more like it in the future.

Hi, I tried to run it on my mac (catalina) and I get a "mac needs to be updated" error message. I think it's a 32/64 bit thing. Is it easy to make a catalina release?

Not gunna lie I thought she was a librarian who slays demons as a side job and if so I'd love a story about her life. 

I know this will only be a one off title, but I think this piece could definitely have another episode! I've never seen an art style like this before, it gave me a hope of more stories to come, yet it stopped at a point that I'm not satisfied with. There is lore to be told here, but I know this was just a mystery feel type of game and a short indie game at that, so I wont complain too much. Fun game!

I'll be checking more of your work, thanks!

Here's my take on playing through it,

I played one of your games in the past, The Supper, and I absolutely loved it! Your game was the ever first one I posted on my Youtube Channel. So thank you so much, and keep making more games! The art-style and simplicity of it is so pretty and worthy of admiring. I look forward to much more. <3

-Smooches, XxMelodicaxX

You know I love all of your work, no exception here. This one was beautiful and the story, though short, left me with a fuzzy joy in my gut. You always manage to top yourself with your pixel art and the quality of the animations. Great job!

Nice game.  Not too hard, not too long.  This real life librarian approves.

Thanks so much for making this game Octavi. It was a beautiful experience, glad you finished it! I´m looking forward playing more of your games, keep up the great work!

Loved the graphics, the music, the mystery around the story and the librarian's role in her universe, thanks so much!!

Ah, this game is very interesting to play! I like the simplicity of point-and-click games and you've managed to mash it up with the game's aesthetic. Warm tones with sweet yet melancholic music, darker tones with a chilling music; the mood of this game is neatly crafted and set. I also like how the plot rolls out - it doesn't leave too much mystery, just enough mystery to let me wonder about the world the librarian lives in. Again, well done! I look forward to playing other games of yours.

Норм че

This reminds me of the book :) Well done!

i like the art style and some of the puzzles they made me think but weren't too hard story was also interesting would read this book again

I love your content, great artwork and what an interesting world you've put us into! 

Another great game! Loved the stile. I made a video hope you like it :)

Cool game :)

Short video:  

Amazing Art if I may add at first, at first I didn't really understand the story but it started to make SOME sense later on as I kept playing but all the details were not connected 100% for me. Otherwise, I loved the point and click adventure, the missions expected me to pay attention to my environment and remember certain patterns which were really cool and I am happy that I didn't miss anything, or else I would have to walk back and search for it LOL.

Maybe one day we can get a little more info on the story ( not trying to spoil a specific detail ) and everything going on in the Library for those who missed it like me. 

Shorter than I thought. Fairly easy, truth be told, but not unenjoyable.

a delight to play! point-and-click puzzles that hit just the right engaging-but-not-too-difficult balance for me with Beautiful pixel graphics, im very impressed by all the animated movements. a good short experience, give it a go if the aesthetic speaks to you

that game was awesome! I’ve discovered your work after playing the first chapter of Midnight Scenes and I’ve decided to play your games chronologically. Also I was blown away that you were the artist in Thimbleweed Park which is one of the best adventure games in recent years! I’m really amazed by your work and I promise to play the rest of your games in the upcoming weeks. Thank you very much! Here’s my little playthrough  (Polish language) Cheers! 

If you ever wanted to be a librarian but were having second thoughts, this game should make up your mind for you! This is the true life of a librarian! battling spirits and puddles! ‬

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