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I'm still waiting for the new episode!!! :)

Sweet game! Will you be making more? I hope so.

so intrigued by this game and ready to play the next episode... many thanks to you for giving me the creeps!!

For some reason this game needs to be updated for it to work on my mac, is it not optimized for macos catalina?

It only works on 32bit MacOS, sorry. Developing for Catalina requires a yearly fee and expensive hardware, which made me decide against it.

I have a random suggestion, feel free to ignore:

I have an old beat up 2010 Macbook that I installed Windows on so I can actually play games! :P So to other gamers that only have a mac, I highly recommend creating a partition (Boot Camp). If you haven't heard of it, basically that means you keep your regular mac operating system and can use that as normal (for web browsing or whatever) Buuuut, you also have the ability to switch to Windows whenever you want to download/play pc games. (You just choose whether you want to boot up into OS X or Windows whenever you power on your computer) It took me a few tries to set it all up correctly, but it was well worth it.

this is really good game

story is very amazing and the art work is very cool

please visit my gameplay

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This is really well done, love the pixel art and small animations - makes for a great atmosphere overall. Very creative but still logical puzzles that are quickly solved but satisfying.

Loved it! very creepy but intriguing!

This game was great and for the first time in a long time I couldn't wait to get to the sequel.

That was a really interesting experience. I hope there's more soon!

Incredible! Looking forward to more of these!

I LOVED this game so much! It had all the right elements of atmosphere, music, jump scares, puzzles -- it was great! I can't wait to play the rest! Amazing work

i really liked this game it was fun to just sit down and play i liked the puzzles they took some of the little brain power i have but weren't too hard the audio was also really good it just put some of the scenes together i also liked the story looking forward to playing episode 2.

A bit creepy but fun

Great episodes - really captured the vibe of Rod Serling's Twilight Zone episodes. The sound design was subtle, yet effective. Thought the Scarecrow was going to come alive towards the end, so well done with playing with expectations sir! Join @insideurscreen as we play through the first episode - with the second coming out soon!

I love this game, I streamed part 1 and 2. I can't for the third part to come out. This is my favorite game on itcho. Everyone in the chat was in into it as well.

I really enjoyed this game. The atmosphere was phenomenal; as well as the style. The story will definitely open a few eyes. Thanks so much. I can't wait to play Chapter Two!

A really good game. I love the black and white kind of style. I also like the spooky atmosphere, nicely done! I made a video, hope you enjoy :)

Wow! That was awesome! Kind of sad that it was that short but anyway brilliant work! The atmosphere, sounds, animations and the plot were just amazing! I'm going to upload Episode 2 next friday! :) Here's my little playthrough (Polish language) Cheers! 

I absolutely loved this game. Great work! I'm about to play the rest of your stuff now. :)))

Nice little gothic horror themed point and click adventure. Very short, but i love the art style and the atmosphere.

Being a fan of the twilight zone and loving point and click games, this was just perfect. Loved every minute of it.

great game and lovely pixel art. you did an incredible job with the mood, scenery, and art. really had a wonderful time playing this game. 1 puzzle was difficult but had a blast figuring them out. my partner and i played the game together and we both enjoyed it. looking forward in playing part 2

Awesome. Loved the retro feel, the thick atmosphere and the building mystery.

Keep them coming.

It looks really cool, when can I get a Linux build so I can play it?


Amazing mood!

As everybody has said, it's very much like "The Twilight Zone". It's short and not difficult, but wonderfully atmospheric.


The Midnight Scenes series is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. As a huge fan of The Twilight Zone, I deeply appreciate the homage paid to the show by Octavi Navarro. While the episodes are a bit short, the atmosphere & pixel style were amazing & the scares were effective. For those wondering, each episode is about 30 mins long. I enjoyed it so much that I played Episode 1 & 2 on my Twitch channel: Thanks so much for the game & keep up the great work! 

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You got me good at the end there! I'm going to record episode 2 as soon as possible so I won't miss episode 3!

Good game title, creative name. And how can you not loving those lovely 8-bit old school eh?

Took me a few more minutes than I'd like to admit to understand the game mechanics, but I had a lot of fun with this. Everything- but especially the music- immediately calls The Twilight Zone to mind, and that made the game so much more enjoyable for me. Thanks for making this available on Mac, and I hope to see more!

I loved this Twilight zone homage game! At least.... it felt like an homage lol. This was so cool and I'd love to see more added to it if you feel like it.

such a wonderful well made point and click adventure game, the atmosphere is superb, the riddles not to hard and the graphics are well done. A Gem in the Indie Game Industry.

Thank you for this.

Worth to play....I made a Walkthrough in German 

PS: on a note, i also played your game The Librarian, which falls in the same category, already a classic in my collection :)

Thank you so much for your kind words! <3 I'm glad you liked it :)

I achieved this game few time ago, really interesting walkthrough. The visual is great and the narrative side is truly gripping.

Absolutely adored this! Really got the best creepy vibes from this game and loved the pacing of it. This episode makes me crave more! Glad there is a second episode and I will definitely recommend this to everyone!

Just started getting into gaming and I gotta say, I loved playing this game. Keep up the fantastic work!!:D

Loved this so much! Gorgeous art, perfect music and amazing atmosphere.

Thank you Laura! I'm glad you liked it :)
There's a second episode you can play for free as well, in case you didn't have enough ;) Here:

Holy crap this game was just good! I can't wait to play more!

This game was amazing. I loved the Twilight Zone feel to it. 


Short and sweet. I liked the world you crafted here. It took me a few moments to realize the cursor highlighted on objects you could interact with. lol. Looking forward to playing the second episode one day in the future.

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