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These type's of games are the one which I love. It had weirdest but most amazing ending. This one is better than EP2 cuz this one is short. I 💙 your games.

I played this in my video (starts at 17:27)

I enjoyed this short but interesting point and click horror game! If you're a fan of shows like The Twilight Zone, this is definitely the game for you.  


  • Pixel art - The monotone color scheme used fits well with the game's atmosphere, as well as selling the creepy environment. It's pleasant to look at and cleanly drawn. Additionally, I admire that the artist was able to use black and white colors well. It can be a bit challenging to balance between high and low contrast, but I think the artist does this very well and in a way that makes clear and visually appealing graphics.
  • Aesthetic - From the sound of the tv turning on in the very beginning, to the style of narration, this games sells the aesthetic of old 60s horror and mystery shows very well.
  • Storytelling - While this game is mostly without text, it still manages to get a story across through the use of pictures and scene composition. Subtle environment details do a great job of communicating the story, allowing the player to piece together what happened without ever saying a word.
  • Gameplay - This is a game that's accessible to those new and familiar with the point and click genre. The puzzles aren't too hard to solve, but still feel satisfying to figure out. Additionally, I think the game does a really good job of nudging the player in the right direction. Claire's reactions to the player's actions help communicate what they should do next. This is a place where I see a lot of point and clicks fall short - some people get turned away from the genre because of little guidance from the game or the trope of " try each object with everything you can interact with." This game doesn't suffer from this at all.


  • Length - While I think that the game does a good job of storytelling, I feel like having a bit more to the game would support the story and the creepy atmosphere. The puzzles that are there are fun, but I wish there were some more to do.
  • Story - While the storytelling itself is really good and well-polished, the story felt a little lack luster to me. I think the game does a good job of establishing the relationships of those relating to the story, but the ending seemed a little abrupt and didn't have enough build up to make it impactful (this is just my opinion). I think a bit more time into the story and some development of the story in between the beginning and the end would sell the reveal more.
  • Controls - This is moreso of a nitpick than anything else, but I do wish that the character could continuously move across the screen (maybe by holding down the mouse button?) rather than having to keep clicking to move Claire from one end of a scene to another. Since the clicking makes her movements a little broken up, I feel like this would help with the pacing a bit. Again, this is just a nitpick and it doesn't take away from the game at all, I just thought I'd write it down.


I'd recommend checking this game out! It's a short, fun, and creepy experience that I think many will enjoy. If you're into this game, why not check out more of the developers games or support them on patreon? I think it's well worth it.

hey why was i not scared?

It wasn't that bad actually. I loved the graphics and the film grain fits perfectly in this game. 
The story was pretty okay for such a short game. The sounds/soundtrack is cool aswell!
Thank you for this experience. There is not really much to say :p
7/10! :D

I really enjoyed this game, it was short but delivered an interesting and creepy experience. I also love how this has an old fashioned horror show/movie feel to it. The puzzles were not too easy yet not too hard, which made this game fun to play. If there's a third episode of Midnight Scenes in the works then I can't wait to play it! I made a gameplay video of the first episode of Midnight Scenes if anyone is interested in watching it. Thank you for your time and have a nice day! :3

Ey love this game, check my gameplay in Spanish pls

solved the puzzles finally got the upload right. great game. Librarian led me here. 

this looks really good

This was so cool! In my anxious fright I kept my nerves by yelling at Claire. "No Claire, you can't just peel the key off his dead body!!"

oh my lord this was good 

Pixel horror always comes out on top for me 

Loved it!

Plain fact is i loved it. Although the scare was kind of underwhelming.

Really cool point and click!

Incredible job!!!

Pros and cons are down below) Check out my vid here (the game is 2d there):


1. The style is awesome! So creepy and cool! I absolutely loved it! The scarecrow was spooky. 

2. The story is creepy, it's a bit trivial but still pretty cool. It's interesting to interact with the world and the game builds the sense of suspension successfully. 


1. Maybe it would be nice to add an actual enemy so the game would be scarier? Like a chase sequence at the end or  a choice. A possibility of a bad outcome for the main character (I mean of an even worse outcome).

2. I wish that the episodes were longer and maybe with choices. At least 1 choice would be awesome to make and it makes the player want to re-experience the adventure.


I enjoyed that a lot! Despite my critics, I think the game deserves a strong 5/5. Though, I wish that the next episodes would be even scarier)

Hope my feedback was useful!

Enjoyed the game!

Thank you all for your great videos and nice comments!! Your Let's Plays are really fun to watch :D

This game was awesome! Lots of twilight zone vibes coming from this game! I can't wait to play part 2! 

check out my gameplay on midnight scenes the highway (commentary in hindi ) 

I really thought this game (and this style) is something special, really was a treat to play, I'm dedicating a whole episode to the other Midnight Scene. For now this one lives in a small compilation I made!

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If you wanted to be apart of a mini twilight zone episode I definitley recomend this spooky game!


This is really well done. You did a great job of capturing the Twilight Zone vibe. I couldn't help but  think of Rod Serling narrating while I was playing this. Great game Octavi!

Your games are best but in my opinion the librarian was more fun 


Octavi Navarro is so good at what he does- the more games I play of his the more I enjoy them! I look forward to his future content, and want to extend my thanks for his talent and hard work. I've made a video on each of his games and it is bittersweet to think I'll soon be making one over the last game I haven't played (Midnight Scenes 2)! 

I don't post on here much, but I played through both episodes in one sitting, and I LOVE this series. Such a  good art style, fun game play, and engaging storytelling. Just wanted to say thank you for creating something so cool. 

I would LOVE to see where you can take this!

3rd part of librarian.


Man... this game is so awesome that I dream about a complete series of full-length episodes with this artistic mastery and this subtle tension climax. Not to mention the perfect Twilight Zone vibe! Damn, I want a full length series so bad! ;)

awesome game

I played I loved it and it gave me goosebumps when I saw deadbody and that kid. I recorded it but it wasn't funny so I played ur other game

Here's your other game I played it's really funny 

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-Made a Video.

This video is made year ago but i forgot to share it. but i still remember how good this game is.

Wow this was great short adventure. I definitely felt like wanting more. You did a great job with the pixel art and storytelling.  I am looking forward to more from you! I think a whole series of these adventure would be epic. 

I made a video on this is was a really good game and i enjoyed playing it.

Quisiera que esté en español :c

This is 10/10, I wish it was longer but the story told was amazing and truth be told, it ended exactly where it should have as it left me wanting more (contradictory I know). I just realised you were part of the Thimbleweed park, and can completely see why this was such a hidden gem. LOVE IT


Midnight Scenes: The Highway may not go "all the way" in terms of scares or disturbing imagery, but it's Twilight Zone aesthetic and simple puzzles make it fun and enjoyable.

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Love this developer's work!

I love the black and white mood so much!!



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