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fucking nice game

Gave this game a run and really enjoyed it! I look forward to going through your other works.

Absolutely love the “Twilight Zone” feel to this game, it was a lot of fun and a good take on the point and click game genre!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it! :)

Played both this and The Goodbye Note, really enjoyed both!


really loved this! simple and effective scared my socks off 

Oh, thank you! Glad you enjoyed it! :)

The beginning of a truly special series of games.  

Some of the most fun indie games I've ever played. The story telling from this game to the last was spot on.


Had a blast finally playing this, definitely gonna try the others too! 

Midnight Scenes | The Highway | Random Scary Games


Amazing short click adventure. Had me hooked the whole time. Dev really knows their stuff when it comes to story, pacing, and creepy / horror elements.

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Regarding this note in the game description: "IMPORTANT NOTE: This game is currently incompatible with MacOS Catalina and later versions. Sorry for the inconvenience."

You actually CAN run it on Catalina or later, I ran it on Ventura on M1 Mac. It wouldn't work straight away but popped up that the application could not be opened.

I had to right click the .app bundle, choose "Show Package Files", open "Contents", then MacOS, so that I could see the file "Midnight Scenes The Highway" (which is the actual executable inside the .app bundle) and then opened a terminal window.

Typed "chmod +x " then dragged the "Midnight Scenes The Highway" file to the terminal window and ran the command. After that it worked. I had already renamed the app bundle from "" to "Midnight Scenes The" first and had placed it in my Applications folder already, so my command looked like:

chmod +x /Applications/Midnight\ Scenes\ The\\ Scenes\ The\ Highway

This just means that the actual executable file inside the .app bundle has not had its executable bit set and so the system refuses to attempt to run it until you correct that with a command like the above (obviously with whatever the correct path is for you and where you put the app bundle).

After doing this (and telling the security system that it's ok to run the app that was downloaded from the web) it ran just fine.

Dev can probably just do this to the .app themselves and reupload the zip and it should work, though it should be noted that if the zip file was created improperly it may have been the source of the permission error.

Thanks a mil, @radiogonk!

@Octavi, count your lucky stars, as I would not have bought your game, otherwise. Please fix it for future buyers.

cool littrle game! will play the other games you have made!

Thank you!!! <3<3<3

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I got this game off Steam and I really enjoyed it! It was very intriguing   from the  beginning and the music was just perfect for the game. I bought The Nanny as well but I'm planning on playing it after I play the the second chapter. 

I made a video on this game and from the second I joined, I fell in love with the art style and  just the whole point-and-click genre. I'm planning on playing every game in this series on my YouTube channel, plus some others. I've already played "The Supper" and "Midnight Scenes: The Highway" and I'm so excited to continue playing these games! They're amazing!


That was a lot of fun! Loved the art style & gameplay.

Thank you! Glad you liked it! :)

I played The Nanny first a few months ago and it was very, very enjoyable. I just finished The Highway and although short and simple, the jumpscare got me good! I also loved the aesthetic.  Gongrats! 

Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed them! :)

beautiful artwork. really. 

Aww, thank you! <3<3

Another awesome game by Octavi Navarro. Yeah I know its old but I'm just finding it now. Great work!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it! :)

Thanks for making this beautiful game, I added part 1-2 In one video :)

The art and animations are beautiful,well done

short and cool creepy games, thanks 

Thank you for your kind words!!! Glad you enjoyed them!<3<3

Such a good game,wish it was a bit longer but i enjoyed it a lot anyway!!..Very nice atmosphere and music as well!

Thank you for your kind words! Glad you liked it! :)

super cool game love the Twilight Zone vibes Keep up the good work look forward to more games by you : )

Thank you so much for playing and for the video! I'm glad you enjoyed it (make sure to try out the other two games in the series!) :)

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Sheesh great game! Makes me think of twilight zone I want more! 

Fantastic bite-sized game. Loved the atmosphere and the art and music was just right for it.

Thank you for your kind words! Glad you enjoyed it!<3<3

octavi, thank for the great horror game , I just found out and played this game on steam. I’m a composer and sound designer from Malaysia . I would love to help you on your game audio and sound design(I’m with Fmod experience) my main genre is horror as well.

Do you need help in that? 

Masterpiece. Crazy!

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

The game is great and really gives me a Twilight Zone vibe, especially with the questioning aspects of the ending. The puzzles were great, only one that took me a moment's pause was working out how to keep the scarecrow together. 

Really looking forward to playing the next two games.

Thank you for your kind words :). I hope you'll enjoy the other two too! 

This was excellent! I hope to play more in the future! That ending got me good haha.
Are there other endings? 

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it! :) There aren't other endings, but it's an idea for the future! ;)

Hey dev, I enjoyed this old style looking for things to complete the puzzle, the only problem I have with it, is that it's too short.

 I made a video on it to fit the theme of the VHS vibe. Hope anyone who sees this enjoys!

Thank you for your support! Glad you enjoyed it! :)

Is it good? Should you get it?

Yes and yes.


excellent! definitely felt very twilight zone-y, but with a bit more horror. Looking forward to playing the rest!

Thank you! I hope you'll like the rest! :)

Really good for such a small game, well done! This was perfect for me, as I love pixel art, horror stories and overall creepiness and easy-ish puzzles xD I loved everything, although it would be nice to have at least a tiny tutorial to explain the controls. I want to make a game myself and this inspired me a lot. Thank you!


Thank you for your kind words! Glad you enjoyed it! :)

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This game was very fun and managed to be creepy without realistic graphics.  My only wish is that it was longer because I was left wanting more.  I ended up streaming the second one immediately after. 

A quick and nice game, beautiful and cool to play !

Thank you! :)

Absolutely loved the Twilight Zone vibe. Looking forward to playing the rest of them! Thank you for making this!

Thank you for playing it! <3


Hi, I'm a huge fan of the Twilight Zone, so I'm really interested in your games.
However, I'm really not into jumpscares and gore : could you tell me if there are such elements in your 3 Midnight Scenes episodes? Thanks a lot!


Hello, Patrick! Thanks for writing. I'm exactly like you and I don't like jumpscares or gore at all, so I try to avoid them in my games. That said, I want to be as honest as possible, so you might find a couple of moments that could enter the definition of jumpscare, depending on how much tolerance you have for this kind of content. So, the short question is no, you won't find these elements in my games, but some bits might get you a bit startled if you're very sensitive to them, if that makes sense.


Thanks a lot for your reply. I can't wait to play your games then :)


Awesome! Let us know if you like them! :)





This was an awesome little game to play! Controls were super simple and easy to figure out. Puzzles were pretty easy (Although I'm an idiot and it took me a while) Jump scare got me, overall it was nice.

Thank you for your kind words. Glad you enjoyed it! :)

You're welcome! Although I feel I have to apologize if I missed pronounced your name. Very Sorr

This is gonna be a dumb question but what are the controls to using tools you find. I tried to use a hammer to break a lock but it won't let me. I don't THINK I was suppose to find a key.

But I also wanna say that, even though I haven't gotten far I am in LOVE with the aesthetic of the game and can't wait to play as many episodes as possible. 

Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it so far :)
You'll need to find another way to open that lock. Keep looking and try to enter the house! :)

This was a joy to play! The graphics and music were beautiful and it had a special feeling while playing! Great story and mechanics, can't wait to play episode 2 and nanny! Thank you for putting this in the Ukraine Bundle, recommended it to a friend after I gifted them the Ukraine Bundle 🙏🏻

Thank you for your beautiful words. Glad you enjoyed it! :)

I adore the theme, aesthetic and overall ambiance of this game. I'm so excited people still make these kinds of games and I could not recommend any harder. Please keep making amazing work. 

Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad you liked it! :)


I picked up this game as part of the Ukraine Bundle. Thanks for participating. Check out the video.

Thank you for your support! :)

Popping in to drop my playthrough too, cuz apparently all the cool kids are doing it! Thank you for all your hard work!


Thank you for playing it! I hope you enjoyed it! :)

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