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My theory is that the previous Nanny is the real mother of the children and she was killed, and it is her spirit that has claimed the children.

This game has such an interesting story :)

Thank you so much! Glad you liked it! :)

I  have windows 7 and i wanted to purchase game on steam sale but recommended OS is windows 8, 10. Does the game not run on Windows7?


Hello Nickolus! I think you should be fine as long as you are using Win7's Service Pack 2, BUT I can't 100% guarantee it, as I don't have the means to test it.

Just purchased the game on Steam, works fine on Win7 SP1. Love your artwork brother. I hope 4th episode (woods) runs on my system.

*reposting it here instead of the soundtrack page*

amazing game once again, you are super talented! Creepy and great short game, must try

Thank you for your kind words. Glad you liked it! :)

Great to see another chapter of Midnight Scenes - immensely enjoyed The Highway and The Goodbye note. As a fan of Rod Serling's Twilight Zone, there is a real sense of macabre storytelling with the Midnight Scenes games. The Highway was a short but sweet introduction, and puzzle elements really came into effect with The Goodbye Note. 

The Nanny encapsulates the 80's nostalgic exploitation flicks of that era, with a foreboding ethereal sense throughout. Although I was a little disappointed with the lack of puzzles with The Nanny, I felt that I was taken on a journey of which was left with an ambiguous ending. I hope to see another episode in 2023!


Excellent story driven gameplay 

Ambiguous horror that leaves the player to decide what really happened

Great pixel artwork 

Great soundtrack


Lack of puzzles

Linear gameplay - would have liked to been able to explore more of the area

Think the ending was a little abrupt, but a trivial issue compared to the whole experience 

Great work!

Thank you so much for the review! We're glad you enjoyed it overall :)

The game is amazing (just I don't know why but during a scene Oliver speaks spanish)  

Oops! :)

I loved it,such a good game!!..I really hope there's gonna be another one!

Thank you!! Glad you enjoyed it! :)

This is my absolute favorite in the series so far!  ^w^

Great pacing, tense atmosphere, expertly written story, blood and gore in all the right places... the works!

Definitely looking forward to seeing more episodes if they're on the table!


Thank you for your beautiful words! Stay tuned for news ;)

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Love the improved quality as well as a good soundtrack definitely my favorite chapter and hope you continue this series : )

Thank you!! <3<3 Stay tuned for news ;)

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