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This is the 1st game of the Midnight Series I've played and I really liked it. The soundtrack was really nice to listen to. I just have a minor complaint, at the part of taking the keys to open the front door, for whatever reason when I put the cursor on top of the key holder, the game though I was clicking on the door. It took me 3 or 4 attempts to get the game to recognize that I was in fact clicking on the keys and not on the door. Other than that, very enjoyable :)

Finally got around to playing this and it's my favorite entry in the Midnight Scenes series so far! Great story, immersive retro atmosphere, chilling ending. Everything felt very reminiscent of The Twilight Zone with a touch of Stephen King. Awesome work!

Aw, thank you! Glad you enjoyed the Midnight Scenes series and especially this one! :)

This was absolutely amazing and I loved the entire game. The detailed animated close-ups (like the bathroom) scene were my favorite. You can tell how much work went into the game. So many unanswered questions left me hoping there might eventually be a sequel with the detective. I absolutely adore pixel horror games and this one is top-notch. I wish I had more viewers so they could see just how amazing this series is~

Thank you so much! We're glad you and your community enjoyed it! <3


I'm really liking this series of games.

This line has snuck into the English version it seems.
"Este bosque es muy oscuro. No pienso adentrarme más sin linterna."


Thank you for the report! We'll look into it!

Another great game, feels like a more narrative mystery game stepped away from the mystery feeling of the Twilight Zone. The game really raises a lot of questions of what is going on in the game, or the meaning of the events I am playing and I would love to know more.

The game does seem to have stepped away from the puzzle side, and focuses more on interaction with characters. The dialogue was interesting, and at times very macabre, it made me laugh at how insensitive our character is.

I loved the visuals, especially the effect you did to the screen. It really reminds me of watching TV on a CRT TV when I was a child, and a great visual to end the game on. Really makes you wonder about the Nanny.

Loved the game, looking forward to the next game you make.

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Thank you!!! :) Stay tuned for the new game ;)

Playing this on an ultrawide monitor is the best thing ever ❣️<3


Quick question, can you save the game progress?

Hi! The game was designed to be played in one sitting (it's quite short), so there's no save option. Thanks for playing! I hope you enjoy it :)

Hi, thanks for getting back so quickly!

I had a suspicion that would be the case! No problem, I'll play it in one sitting then!

I think I probably already played it almost to the end, but it's a cool game (yes totally enjoying it!) so I'll gladly replay it once I know I have enough time and won't get interrupted again.

I played this and episodes 1 and 2 in the series. They're really fantastic. It's evident a lot of care went into them. They're fun stories, and I love that I can complete each one in a few minutes. Seems like the developer has taken some inspiration from The Twilight Zone. Playing them feels like watching that show, but with more of a horror tilt.


Thank you for your kind words. Glad you enjoyed the series! :)

I applauded all alone in front of my computer when the credits appeared.

Now THAT is how you tell an horror story!

I enjoyed the 3 midnight scenes, but this one is my favourite.

Loved the art style, the soud design and the rythm. If a part 4 comes, I'd love to play it!

Support your indie developpers!

Thank you for your beautiful words. I'm glad you enjoyed the Midnight Scenes series :)

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Thank you!<3<3

i love this series so much ! and i especially loved that one. the story is mysterious but not too much that you can still slowly piece everything together ! loved the ambiance and colors.

Thank you for your kind words. Glad you enjoyed it! ;)

Best one yet, was a good story

Thank you!! <3

a VERY cool pixel mystery.. Frl got me looking for my double in the closets

Amazing game, beautiful, a delight to play and stream it ! 

Thanks for your kind words! :)

Best episode yet! Loved this one!

Thank you! Glad you liked it! <3

You always make great games, thank you!



Just played The Nanny. What a wonderful experience this was. Definitely left me hungry for more. Count me as another one of your fans! Will be trying out your other games soon for sure!

Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed the game! :)


I've played all 3 midnight scenes now and it's such an amazing short series, they're not too long but not super short either, a comfortable length of time to make you want another one. I hope more midnight scenes get released, their amazing! Highly recommend!

Thanks for your kind words!! Glad you liked them!! :)

Is this getting a Mac release like your other games?


Hi! We hope we can release it this year (fingers crossed) :)

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I am having the exact same problem as ceege, but I cannot download the game at all.

Same here!

Having not heard from the developer, I did finally figure out how to download and install the game through my browser, but I do wish this would get fixed in the bundle.  I had another game in the bundle with the same issue and that developer fixed the problem almost immediately.

Hello jackiel, sorry for the wait. We finally found out what the problem was and it should be working now.

Great news!  It is working now.  Thank you very much!

Hello aamonnz, sorry for the inconvenience. We finally found out what the problem was and it's working now. Could you please, let us know if you can download the game? Thanks!

I got this in the Ukraine Bundle (thanks!), but when I go to download it in the app there are no installs available.  Your other 2 games installed fine.

Hi! Thank you for your support! We've tried to download it and it worked fine. Could you try to get it outside the app and see if it works that way? On another hand, keep in mind that unlike the other two, The Nanny is not available on Mac, in case you are using MacOS.

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Yeah, I can download via the bundle download page, just not within the app. Weird.

Clicking around a bit more I get "Cannot read property 'build' of undefined." indicates its a problem with the app manifest.

Hmmm... We'll have to take a look at it. Thank you for the heads up! I hope you enjoy the games :)

What an awesome continuation of Midnight Scenes! Im a tad late to the party, but so glad I tried it out! I have SO many questions and had so much fun! Can't wait until your next creation, Octavi! :D

Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed the Midnight Scenes series :)

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I get an error when I try to run it: "failed to load mono"

Got the same error on the Steam version so I came here to get it but still have the same problem.

I watched a few YouTube videos that had supposed fixes for this issue in games, but it is not helping here.

I am on Windows 11 via Parallels btw

Hello gamegenie, that's a weird error. Apparently, the game can't find the Mono.dll file that is included with the game. The fact that both Steam and itchio versions have the same issue, makes me think that maybe your antivirus or Parallels are blocking the file. One thing to try would be to uninstall the game, install it again, and put a rule on your firewall to allow the program to run before launching it. Let me know if it works. If we can't find a solution we'll make sure to refund the game to you. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hey! I had this same issue on Parallels and found a fix. Make sure to open the package on Windows instead of Mac first, I guess Mac didnt read the mono.dll file or something because it was missing and now it isnt. 

Got it to work, don't know what I did different, but least fav oct nav game so far. Still love you a lot @octavinavarro

I'm glad you got it to work! I love you too :)

When will the Mac version of this game be released?


Hi! We hope we can release it this year (fingers crossed) :)

Thank you!

use crossver ! It is amazing for running .exe files on mac

This game is SO cool! It's like I'm a child again and watching The Tales From The Crypt for the very first time. Thank you so much for a good nostalgic moment!! 

Thank you for playing it and for your kind words! <3

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Seriously, who doesn't love this series of games? Inspiring ! Best bite-sized horror games on Itch or anywhere else!

P.S. Just finished it. No spoilers but I decided I would have to throw my underwear away, there's no way I am ever going to get that pair clean enough to put on again. The ending of this one was a shocker, very creepy.

Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed our games <3<3

This was my favourite episode by far! The story was paced so well, it constantly raised the stakes without getting ridiculous and was a genuinely interesting take on some folklore concepts that doesn't tread the same ground as others, the aesthetic was on point as always and the game looked fantastic. I'll be waiting eagerly for anything else you release! Have a great day :) 


Aww, thank you! I'm glad you liked it! <3

Man I knew saving this was gonna be worth it! I am always ready for more midnight scenes !  

Full Playthrough No Commentary 


Thank you!!! <3<3

I absolutely enjoyed the short horror game, Nanny. I loved the creepy depressing reality from the kids point of view. I'm a fan of your work. Other Midnight Series, The Librarian and The Supper are also highly recommended. I also translated the story verbally so that my Japanese viewers understand it. I'm looking forward to the next game! 

Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed our games <3<3

Great game! Loved it just like the other two in the series.


Thank you for your support!!! I'm glad you enjoyed them!! <3<3


I am genuinely shook! 😱
This was the PERFECT adventure game to play on Halloween night.
Great story, artwork and atmosphere - really pulled me in.
I'm not too proud to admit I screamed like a little girl at a few points - you got me! 😅
Excellent work, as always Octavi (+team) 😉👍

Thank you so much for playing it Paul! I'm glad you liked it :)


Happy Halloween!

This was such a good installment. There’s a lot of story here that kept me wondering. Like why the parents bought a house in such a unique locale. With the artwork in the house it would seem, on the surface, that such a couple would want to live elsewhere. Then again if they REALLY like exotic art…hm. I also wondered if something might be up with that neighborhood itself (Tina’s squirrel story…I believe it! Haha).

The puzzles were simple and direct, and you gave enough details to add texture to the world of “The Nanny” without info dumps. I enjoyed the art quite a bit and I liked the little nods to things from the 80s but truly enjoyed how you put your individual spin on them instead of parodying them.

I hope the game is a great success!

This was hecking amazing, you two. I loved the story and the environments, THAT ending messed with my head, that was cinematic storytelling. I don’t have anything else to say, keep on keeping on. 

To everyone else: buy this, it’s a fantastic little game that’ll give you the heebiejeebies. 


Thank you so much!! <3<3 Have a creepy Halloween ;)

RUN AND HIDE! A different take on the series! I like it very much. Also I didn't know it was on steam. The story in this one was great and the different characters personalities brought it to life! 

Thank you!! <3<3

A new release from you has turned into something of an event for me, but especially a new Midnight Scenes, and this definitely didn't disappoint! I thought this was a step up from the previous entries in terms of basic presentation. All of the little touches like the slug crawling around the rock, the change in the painting, these made it all feel more immersive and lived in. 

And I love how even before the implication of a larger mystery and a likely continuation of the story, I was feeling that this was the precipice of something deeper. Questions arose in my mind such as, "Wait, is that the same chocolate bar?" Also, I liked the thematic introduction of "doubles" as the merest hint that we were about to see something like this.

Great work! I get more excited about your future output with every game.

Thank you for your beautiful comments. I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

Let me just say, I have been a fan of your work since I first found the initial Midnight Scenes episode a while back. Since then, the only game of yours I have still yet to play is The Librarian, and eventually I most certainly will get around to it.

I admit I was a bit surprised to see this entry take such a big departure from the Twilight Zone / Outer Limits inspired look of the others, being more 80'ies horror inspired and in color... and then I remembered other versions of Twilight Zone than the 60ies one exists, and it makes a bit of sense after all, hah.

In seriousness, I like this one. Less focus on point and click puzzling, and feels more "directed" in how it takes its time, sets up scenes and naturally leads you to the next bit of the story. All while remaining just explained enough to be intriguing, but not enough to give you every answer.

Your pixel art is gorgeous as always too, and it just all adds up to an awesome experience. Really loved this one, and I'll be hanging on eagerly for a potential epsiode 4. Great stuff.

Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed this episode and thank you for sharing your experience with your community! <3


Bought on Steam instead, but I wanted to drop a review here and say that this game was fantastic! Best one yet.


Thank you Victor! I'm glad you liked it!
Feel free to leave a review on Steam as well, it really helps with sales! :D

In any case, thank you for playing the game! <3

Hi! I was trying to play, and the game was running laggily, and eating up all my CPU. Are there any launch options that might help, perhaps setting the max framerate or something? 

Thanks! I'm really looking forward to playing the game, I've been waiting excitedly for a while!

Hi! I'm so sorry about the issue. Could you share your machine specs, please? It's something we need to investigate. There are no launch options, but it shouldn't be a problem.

Hi Octavi! This likely won't be a high priority issue to investigate, as I was actually running the game in Arch Linux using Wine 6.16 (which is how I had played the previous Midnight Scenes episodes). Since that's not the actual platform that the game was released for, I don't at all hold you accountable for it, it's on me for running the game in an odd way, hence my asking about launch options as I was attempting to debug it myself. If you do happen to be interested, however, I can share my machine specs and whatever log files I can generate.

Thank you for the quick response, and the fun games!

Thank you for letting me know! This one is a bit more graphics-intensive than the other two games, so that might be the problem. If the game is successful we plan to port it to other platforms including Linux, so stay tuned!

ah, i loved this! i adored the other episodes too, so i knew i had to buy it as soon as i saw a new episode was out! 

anyways, the aesthetics of this little game were really nice, really fit the '80s setting, and the soundtrack was very fitting as well! i loved the childish, but very relatable banter between tina and oliver and the commentary oliver provided for the artwork in the house (yuck!) and the branches invading their garden. what will probably stick with me most is the ending! i thought it was really cinematic, really impressive. great job! i look forward to playing the next episode (if you plan on making another one, that is)!! :)


Wow, thank you for your kind comment <3<3 I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Yay, another episode! This looks fantastic.

Octavi: Would you ever consider releasing your games on the Nintendo Switch? It would be the perfect platform for them imo :)


Thank you! :) Yes, if it's successful on PC it's something we definitely would like to do.

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