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What a fun story! I really like the added touches to make it seem even more like the TV shows that inspired this series.


Really enjoyed this one can't wait to play the next one!!!


take back the tales, visions, and experiences of the past as often more substantial than the modern retelling

a new familiar yet repeatable imitation of a great series, the anthologies of imagination spur into farther dark narrative passage

zones falling from words as twilight escapes towards a gallery of night, the voice we admire




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Fantastic loved the mystery behind this chapter in particular added a certain feeling of dread to it, especially with the whole laboratory scene. 

Nice game !

Thank you!! <3<3<3

Another great game, the mystery was really well built up and I especially loved those questioning moments on what is going on to the end. Puzzles hold up really well to the first game, and did take me a little longer with the freezer part. That ending scene was just great, it so amazingly encapsulates the Twilight Zone episodes, with such a memorable cliff-hanger for the game and a question to what everything has now become..


I really enjoyed this game and enjoyed streaming it even though I am not a huge sci-fi fan.

Thank you for streaming them! I'm glad you enjoyed them both :)

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Very cool !


pretty cool!


Thank you!!! :)

very nice

Thank you! <3<3

I picked up this game as part of the Ukraine Bundle. Thanks for participating. Check out the video.

Thanks for your support!!! <3<3

This was amazing experience, again. It's longer, it has an interesting story, it makes sense, and oh my, the reveal at the end... so creepy!

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

Really really enjoyed the story in this episode, really fit the theming of the piece and was a joy to sit through


Thank you so much!  <3<3

I liked your game very much! It is apparent that you have put your soul in it. What is your game engine?

Thank you so much! <3 I use Unity

your graphics look very well made also. Do you design them by yourself?

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RICHARD WE WILL RETUN YOU TO LOVE BROTHER! Another great game you made! Also the notebook from Coleman glitched. Other then that I enjoyed the whole experience. 


This one was my favorite by far. I enjoyed these games so much that I made them part of my specially curated Halloween month gameplays. I pre-planned it and was so excited to play them. This second one though was by far my favorite! Very action packed with a lot of suspense, also the use of tools seemed much more intuitive. Great work and I certainly hope an episode 3 is in the works!

Thank you! I'm so glad you enyojed them. Stay tuned for  a 3rd episode, coming  very soon ;)

Oooh yay!

Thnaks for this eerie endearing experience I loved it !


The inspiration from 60's horror TV shows is perfect for these types of games. I did notice an issue in the second episode where I couldn't continue past the first text screen but a simple restart fixed the issue anyway. They both have a nice creepy feel to the environments and kept me interested in the stories.


I'm glad you enjoyed it! <3<3<3

I love this mini series, games like this are normally out of my paygrade but you make it much more intriguing with the stories. Can't wait for the next one!

Thank you!! :)


dude i literally keep having to watch tutorials for certain parts of this game because I'm so damn stupid. I cannot complete any damn games because im so idiotic. I'm seriously starting to wonder if something is wrong with me. It's not just these games. It's all puzzel games.


everyone's brains work differently!

I knew it :D


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I loved this game so much!! Nice detail with the strings holding the plane, felt like watching The Twilight Zone. My new favorite games (with part one, of course) on itchio :)


Thanks for playing Florencia!! <3<3

Thanks for another banger! The jump scare got me haha


Just finished  Playing the second episode and really like the twilight zone outer limits vibe a good follow up to episode 1. I hope there are more episodes to come.

My gameplay 

Thank you for your kinds words! Stay tuned for news ;)

Hi ! The kind of game that pushes you to make your own... Writing, atmosphere, gameplay. In french : "Bravo" :) Is there more episodes to come ? 

Thank you for playing! Stay tuned for news ;)

I played the original Midnight Scenes and quite enjoyed it, so naturally gave this one a try. Episode Two is slightly longer, and has its own story. Much like the first, the dev has done a good job creating something creepy and atmospheric, with a distinct 1950s aesthetic. Overall, very good.

For some reason I can't interact with the game. At the very beginning I can't make it move on to the rest of the text, can someone please help me.


I  love your games!


Holy heck, did I not expect the story would go there. Like the first, it's a fantastic little game, but I'd wager it's even better than the first.  It's a great blend of Sci-Fi and Horror, creating a cosmic cocktail of delight and chills. It's a bit longer than the first, and you can definitely see the enhancements in the gameplay and story telling, and what a story. That twist at the end, dear god that got me. If a third game ever comes, I can't wait to see what it might unfold.


Thank you <3<3

i need an explanation pleeeaassseeeee im so frigin curious abt the story :"""

No one on here wants to write an honest review cause they're all soys. anyways, was good until the unexplained and really anti-climactic ending and resolution. Who are the neighbors? What is Linda? What is her motive? If the prism thing was made by humans why is it suggested that the neighbors are something else. Overall worse than the first one, gameplay is perfectly fine. 4/10

Still going through all of your awesome games :)

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Thank you! <3

I just showed this to my girlfriend. We had a really nice time with your game. She thought it was great! Thank you!

Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

I just wanted to say: what a masterpiece. This game is really good! The ending got me by surprise. The storytelling, the characters, the puzzles that fits so well in the tale, well positioned. Anyway 10/10. 

Midnight Scenes Ep.2

Created by Jaboblu

Amazing puzzle game, I really love the first game as well. Can't wait for more episodes!

This is Lovely! Thank you so  much! :)

Thanks for checking the art out. :>

I had so much fun and you can clearly see the evolution from episode 1 to 2 when it comes to the scene setting and story structure (this being a bit more complex with the different timelines). And is there a bigger backstory hinted at with the Eye? I am so curious! Loved the movie references and those short glimpses of the lurking horror. A real treat, thank you so much. Also, as with episode 1: the sound design is fantastic.

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Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad yoy liked it! Stay tuned for future games :)

I finally got around to playing this game after over a year since episode 1 and boy was it worth the wait! What a wonderful little point and click adventure game! Fantastic animation, puzzles, story, everything! Amazing work Octavi! Thank you! :D

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

Loved the Twilight Zone atmosphere. Both episodes were great. I wish there were more!

Thank you for your kind words! Stay tuned for upcoming news...

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