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RUN AND HIDE! A different take on the series! I like it very much. Also I didn't know it was on steam. The story in this one was great and the different characters personalities brought it to life! 

Thank you!! <3<3

A new release from you has turned into something of an event for me, but especially a new Midnight Scenes, and this definitely didn't disappoint! I thought this was a step up from the previous entries in terms of basic presentation. All of the little touches like the slug crawling around the rock, the change in the painting, these made it all feel more immersive and lived in. 

And I love how even before the implication of a larger mystery and a likely continuation of the story, I was feeling that this was the precipice of something deeper. Questions arose in my mind such as, "Wait, is that the same chocolate bar?" Also, I liked the thematic introduction of "doubles" as the merest hint that we were about to see something like this.

Great work! I get more excited about your future output with every game.

Thank you for your beautiful comments. I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

Let me just say, I have been a fan of your work since I first found the initial Midnight Scenes episode a while back. Since then, the only game of yours I have still yet to play is The Librarian, and eventually I most certainly will get around to it.

I admit I was a bit surprised to see this entry take such a big departure from the Twilight Zone / Outer Limits inspired look of the others, being more 80'ies horror inspired and in color... and then I remembered other versions of Twilight Zone than the 60ies one exists, and it makes a bit of sense after all, hah.

In seriousness, I like this one. Less focus on point and click puzzling, and feels more "directed" in how it takes its time, sets up scenes and naturally leads you to the next bit of the story. All while remaining just explained enough to be intriguing, but not enough to give you every answer.

Your pixel art is gorgeous as always too, and it just all adds up to an awesome experience. Really loved this one, and I'll be hanging on eagerly for a potential epsiode 4. Great stuff.

Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed this episode and thank you for sharing your experience with your community! <3


Bought on Steam instead, but I wanted to drop a review here and say that this game was fantastic! Best one yet.


Thank you Victor! I'm glad you liked it!
Feel free to leave a review on Steam as well, it really helps with sales! :D

In any case, thank you for playing the game! <3

Hi! I was trying to play, and the game was running laggily, and eating up all my CPU. Are there any launch options that might help, perhaps setting the max framerate or something? 

Thanks! I'm really looking forward to playing the game, I've been waiting excitedly for a while!

Hi! I'm so sorry about the issue. Could you share your machine specs, please? It's something we need to investigate. There are no launch options, but it shouldn't be a problem.

Hi Octavi! This likely won't be a high priority issue to investigate, as I was actually running the game in Arch Linux using Wine 6.16 (which is how I had played the previous Midnight Scenes episodes). Since that's not the actual platform that the game was released for, I don't at all hold you accountable for it, it's on me for running the game in an odd way, hence my asking about launch options as I was attempting to debug it myself. If you do happen to be interested, however, I can share my machine specs and whatever log files I can generate.

Thank you for the quick response, and the fun games!

Thank you for letting me know! This one is a bit more graphics-intensive than the other two games, so that might be the problem. If the game is successful we plan to port it to other platforms including Linux, so stay tuned!

ah, i loved this! i adored the other episodes too, so i knew i had to buy it as soon as i saw a new episode was out! 

anyways, the aesthetics of this little game were really nice, really fit the '80s setting, and the soundtrack was very fitting as well! i loved the childish, but very relatable banter between tina and oliver and the commentary oliver provided for the artwork in the house (yuck!) and the branches invading their garden. what will probably stick with me most is the ending! i thought it was really cinematic, really impressive. great job! i look forward to playing the next episode (if you plan on making another one, that is)!! :)


Wow, thank you for your kind comment <3<3 I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Yay, another episode! This looks fantastic.

Octavi: Would you ever consider releasing your games on the Nintendo Switch? It would be the perfect platform for them imo :)


Thank you! :) Yes, if it's successful on PC it's something we definitely would like to do.

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